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Refusing A Breath Test
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Did you refuse a breath test? We can help.

A breath test is when the police use a piece of equipment which requires the person being tested to blow continuously into a tube to calculate the amount of alcohol in the blood stream (also known as Blood Alcohol Content “BAC”). BAC readings are separated into different groups that will determine your charges.It is unlawful to refuse a preliminary breath test for alcohol. A preliminary breath test is usually conducted at the side of the road by police to check if there is any alcohol in your system. You will be immediately disqualified if you fail to provide sample breath test for alcohol.

If you are charged with drink driving after refusing the breath test, you should contact our office today. We can discuss the event and advise you on what your options are in relation to the charges. If you are disqualified for a long period of time, we are able to help you apply for extraordinary licence to allow you to drive provided you meet the criteria for applying.

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