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If you, or someone you know is being investigated, has been accused or charged with a criminal offence then you will need to gain professional legal advice from a suitable solicitor that has experience defending clients in similar situations. Our criminal lawyers understand how the law works and how the authorities who enforce the law work.

You might be worried, scared or confused about what the future might hold, and that’s ok. Criminal charges can make straight-thinking very difficult. Partnering with a good local criminal law team allows you to understand the process, explore possible defences, proven legal strategies and understand what possible outcomes might be achieved.

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Common Criminal Legal Advice Questions

Do i really need a criminal lawyer?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, regardless of whether you have done it or not, you will need a lawyer. You will need a lawyer to defend you in court to ensure that your case is properly presented. If you are innocent, we will find as much evidence as possible to prove that you are innocent. It is our duty to insert doubt in the prosecution’s case. If you are guilty your criminal lawyer can ensure you receive the best outcome through a process of mitigation.

If you are unrepresented in court, you may face serious consequences, you may not know which documents need to be submitted to the prosecution and the correct ways to deal with them. These are things we can help you with easily and efficiently. We know what your criminal trial is going to involve, what evidence is relevant to your case and will speak to the prosecution on your behalf to discuss your case and see if there are any ways your charges can be dropped or lessened.

Can you afford to get a criminal record? Consider the value of an excellent result in court and the headaches it avoids in the future. If you’re not properly represented it could cost you more in the long run. Travel visas and jobs can be much harder to obtain if you have a criminal history.

It is our job to ensure that everything is completed accurately, in detail and with care so you will be properly represented. If you entrust your future in our hands, we will make sure we do our absolute best to keep that future in place.

I’m going to court soon, what do I do?

Going to court can be a very scary and stressful process; it’s a good idea to make sure you have representation for any court date you might have. Your lawyer can thoroughly brief you before you attend so you know exactly what to expect. They can talk on your behalf and communicate to the magistrates or judges to ensure you are viewed in the best possible way.

If your case has reached trial, it’s even more important to ensure you are properly prepared. Your liberty could be at stake. Speak to our team of criminal solicitors today to get a plan together and ensure you gain the best possible outcome.

The most important thing is to not run away from the hearing. If you are required to attend and you do not, you may be issued with an arrest warrant which will complicate the matter unnecessarily. This is especially important if you are pleading not guilty. If you run away from the court hearing or simply do not attend, you will be seen as a person with bad character and therefore you will be helping the prosecution to build their case against you. If you are afraid to attend the court hearing, call us at any time before so we can arrange proper advice and reassurance of what to expect during the hearing. We can also arrange for a solicitor to represent you on the day.

The Police said plead guilty?

The Police are not your friend. Do not take legal advice from the Police, they do not have your best interests in mind. The Police are professional intimidators, they can use words to intimidate you into saying things and those statements will go into their records in order to gain a conviction. You need to understand the Police will do what they need to in order to gain evidence against you.

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