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Domestic Violence
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There is never an acceptable excuse for domestic violence.

Where you are the victim of domestic violence you should report it immediately to the Police. Often they can issue an on the spot police order for 72 hours to ensure the offender does not communicate with you or continue with the abuse. You may also apply for a violence restraining order (VRO) to allow protection for a further 2 years. Should the abuser be found to be in breach of this court order it is considered a criminal offence and can have serious consequences.

The Family court takes seriously on the issue of family domestic violence, especially the welfare and protection of any children involved. If a child in the family is exposed or likely to be exposed to psychological or physical harm from the parents, an eligible applicant can seek an injunction or urgent order from the court for personal protection of the child. The court will only grant the order where it is ‘just and reasonable’ to do so.

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